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Donkey Breath (AAAA)

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Don’t be fooled by its name, because Donkey Breath is in fact one of the best hybrids strains available in the market. This indica dominant hybrid is extremely potent and was created by crossing the classic Grease Monkey and Triple OG strains.

As the name implies, Donkey Breath is famous for its strong pungent aroma, which is paired with a spicy and earthy flavor. This strain delivers a truly blissful, relaxing high perfect for those nights when you just want to kick back and relax.

As mentioned before, Donkey Breath is one of the best hybrids in the market today. Extremely potent and containing incredibly high THC amounts, the indica dominant strain offers an amazing, relaxing high.

Starting with a rush of euphoria which completely clears the mind and allows you to sit back and relax, the strain quickly causes a light tingling sensation which fills the entire body. As the body relaxes, a feeling of pure bliss and drowsiness takes over the user, giving you a couch lock, perfect for fighting pain, stress and insomnia.

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