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Tidal Wave (Bulk)

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Get swept up in a wave of pure euphoria with Tidal Wave magic mushrooms. These incredible magic mushrooms will wash over you with a vast range of stunning effects.

Not only that, but Tidal Wave magic mushrooms are incredibly potent, thanks to their fantastic genetics. That means that beginners and experienced psychonauts will need to tread lightly with these powerful mushies.


Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom Effects

Once Tidal Wave begins to hit you, you’ll need to brace yourself for a vast wave of effects. These magic mushrooms will bring on incredible visuals while leaving your mind totally clear and your body relaxed.

You might also notice that the visuals from Tidal Wave magic mushrooms are a little wavier than others.

Taking Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

If you’re looking to have a day of fun out with friends, then Tidal Wave will be a great companion. However, you’ll need to be careful with dosage because this strain packs a real punch.

So long as you dose carefully, you’ll be swept up in a wonderful world of euphoria, visuals, and connection. What we mean is that you’ll feel a deep sense of connection between you and the people around you, as well as the environment.

Your thoughts will also be clear, focused, and relaxed, which is perfect for creative hobbies or just hanging out at the beach.

One thing you need to know before embarking on a recreational trip is that you need to be prepared. Make sure that you bring enough food and water for your trip, which can last up to six hours.

Make sure to never take magic mushrooms before driving a car or doing anything remotely dangerous. So long as you stay careful and prepared, you’re sure to have a blast.


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